5 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers For Boats: Reviews and Buying Guide

A day spent on the water is often enhanced with an appropriate playlist. It doesn’t matter if you are listening to soulful country music or a mix of today’s best hits. Finding the perfect piece is crucial to having an enjoyable day of floating around.

Modern technology allows seamless transfer of our music from our hands to our speakers, and there’s no reason why a little bit of water can stop it from occurring. We’ve put together the top waterproof Bluetooth speakers for boats.

How to Select the most waterproof Bluetooth Boats Speakers?

You’ve invested a lot of money into your craft, no matter if you can pull water skiers around on hot summer days or fish off the back whenever you get. In any case, having music to play regularly will make your day more enjoyable.

Marine Bluetooth speakers come in different shapes, sizes and come with a range of capabilities and power. Here are some essential points to look for when buying a waterproof Bluetooth speaker:

  • Waterproof Rating
  • Bluetooth Range
  • Power
  • Durability
  • The Style of Mounting and the Size of Receiver and Speaker
  • Radio Capabilities

Bluetooth Speaker Ratings Waterproof

The waterproof speaker’s ratings are measured using an index ranging from IPX-0 up to IPX-8. IPX-0 does not protect water, but IPX-8 materials are protected from constant submersion. 

A boat’s audio system is not going to require the highest level of protection.

It is designed to guard against splashes of water from any angle. The bumping of up to IPX-5 can shield the speaker from splashes of water from any angle. However, the majority of users won’t need this feature. Instead, choose speakers that have a rating of at least IPX-4 and greater.

The range of your speaker

In most cases, you won’t require an audio system with a range more extensive than the boat’s dimensions. There are occasions when you meet with friends only to find yourself on a different ship than your speaker. In this case, you may need some more range to manage the sound.

Most marine speakers have approximately thirty feet range. If you’re prone to move around, you should consider a speaker with extra Bluetooth reception power.


What’s the purpose of having the speaker if it’s not able to hear it? A majority of marine speakers are mid-range and have at least 100W power. This lets you listen to music as long as you’re not travelling at high speed. If you’d like to hear the music as waves are lapping your vessel, then you’ll need to upgrade to a speaker that can handle 300-400W.


It is not a shock that the marine speaker is in motion and rocking along with the vessel. To be able to last for a long time, these speakers must be sturdy. Their durability is typically associated with the IPX waterproof rating. Also, look for a warranty of at minimum two years. This guarantees an item that will last for a long time and keep the music on.

The Style of Mounting and the Size of the Receiver and Speaker

Most speakers have an integrated receiver to help users navigate through their music, but this isn’t necessary to use Bluetooth speakers. If you already have speakers cut-outs for your boat, make sure you measure them before time to determine what you’ll need. Most speakers are rectangular and in-set. However, some can be mounted on top of the boat.

Radio Capabilities and Other Features

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker, you may already have a playlist that you’ve curated for days spent on the water. But having radio capability on your audio system could help check weather conditions and also provide a variation. Some speakers do not have a radio, however. Many also have other features like channels or a USB port.

The Reasons You Need Bluetooth Speakers for Your Boat

Being able to control your music without wires takes away the anxiety of carrying your tablet or smartphone in your boat while the water is rushing all around.

Furthermore, a great pair of speakers let you be alerted to the weather and receive alerts about any calls or messages even when you’re on the move. So, if you need an extra bit of connectivity to your music or the rest of the world, take a look at this list of the Best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for boats.

Best Waterproof Speakers for a Boat

These speakers provide a full sound and adequate waterproofing to bring the basic features of the Bluetooth device to your vessel. Equipped with two 6.5″ stereo speakers coaxial, you can stream your music via their smartphone or tablet in the boat. Alternatively, they can turn these speakers off and daisy-chain the music to other speakers.

With a user-friendly template for installing speakers and power output as high as 600 Watts, the Pyle Dual Speakers work great for those who want an easy-to-install speaker to put in your boat.

The speakers are certified as IPX-4 Marine Grade, which means they can endure light splashes and rain from waves. They are constructed with Polypropylene cones with a cloth surround. They are well-knit by a moulded ABS machine basket and grill, which keeps them in operation even in rough conditions.


  • Easy to Install
  • No additional head unit/receiver needed
  • Low-profile design
  • Low power draw
  • 30-foot Bluetooth range


  • Not loud
  • Mediocre sound quality
  • No warranty

With two 6.5 inch speakers and a remote illuminated with LEDs to help you navigate, they can pair with any Bluetooth compatible device.

The stainless-steel hardware can stand up to harsh weather conditions and salt but without compromising sound quality. It also comes with a tiny draw that ensures there’s energy left in your boat battery at the end of the day.


  • 180W Maximum provides plenty of volume
  • More speakers can be added
  • Smooth sound
  • 4-channel amplifier
  • Pre-connected wires for simple set up


  • No Weather or AM/FM Radio compatibility
  • No display screen for music navigation
  • No warranty

Suppose you are looking for a studio sound experience while at sea; this set of speakers could be the right choice for you. NOAM uses their knowledge of sound and their sturdy construction to offer this simple to set up audio system.

The two speakers can be mounted onto the roll bar, so drilling a hole into your boat to mount them is unnecessary. With the Bluetooth control and amp, those who prefer power over their music from anywhere can benefit from this item.

The entire system has been checked to an IPX-6 level that means it can withstand powerful jets of water that hit it and not cause damage. NOAM has ensured that all connections are waterproof, which gives customers peace of mind for the long run of ownership.

Finally, the speakers feature the 4″ poly injection cone coupled with one” PEI Neodymium Dome Tweeter, giving a solid Butyl rubber Surround Sound. If you’re particular about the way they hear, it could be the right choice for you.


  • Simple, non-invasive installation
  • Zero sound distortion at full volume
  • Remote included
  • IPX-6 Grade
  • On/Off Switch to reduce power draw


  • Short Bluetooth range
  • Limited mounting options
  • Little base sound

With four speakers with a stereo receiver and an antenna for marine use, The speaker can be marketed to people who prefer the most variety.

These four 6.5″ speakers offer an entire range of sounds and a maximum power of 180Watts. They’re easy to set up using an included speaker cable of 50 feet marine grade.

The stereo player comes equipped with Android Rapid Charge, 24 AM/FM radio presets, dual phone connectivity, and a 13-band graphic equalizer.

If you want an elegant design of speaker to put in your boat, think about this. With its blue-electric speakers face, Kenwood is as impressive as it appears.


  • Equipped with Android Rapid Charge
  • 4 Speakers included
  • Everything included for installation
  • Sirius XM ready
  • 13-Digit LCD Display


  • No color options
  • No warranty
  • No remote option

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  • IPX-7 Rating
  • QUICK-MOUNT system 
  • Able to bridge to a subwoofer
  • Passive Radiators maximize sound quality
  • Speaker pods rotate 140 degrees


  • Limited mounting options for speakers
  • Small 5.25” speakers
  • No included warranty

Final Words

Overall, it’s clear that the NOAM NUTV5 Marine Stereo System overcame the competition due to its top water-proof IPX rating, superior audio and intuitive user interface. Although users can upgrade to NOAM NUTV4, the most up-to-date Bluetooth technology in the NUTV5 will be compatible until your tablet and smartphone get upgraded over the following years.

Other speakers can be placed within the hull of the boat. However, the NOAM NuTV5 can be easily popped in and out, making it possible to prolong its lifespan if you need to remove it before bringing your boat back for winter. In the end, the NUTV5 offers users the most high-quality stereo that you can get for your vessel.

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